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Carnegie Mellon Concerto Competition
National and international competitions
Pittsburgh Concert Society of Young Artists
Orchestra membership
Carnegie Mellon School of Music Concerto Competition
Lillian Lee, senior, 1st prize (2017), Stravinsky Concerto​
Joshua Burca, freshman, 1st prize (2014), Sibelius Concerto
Krzysztof Rucinski, grad, 1st prize (2013), Szymanowski Concerto No. 1
Mimi Jung, freshman, 2nd prize (2013), Tchaikovsky Concerto
Erica Hudson, sophomore, 1st prize (2011), Barber Concerto
Sandro Leal, PRP (post graduate), 1st prize (2009), Ranjbaran Concerto
Emma Steele, freshman, 1st Prize (2008), Prokofiev Concerto No 2
Eunice Keem, 1st year grad, 1st Prize (2007), Shostakovich Concerto No. 1
Anne Jakovick, junior, 2nd prize (2006), Ravel Tzigane
Amanda Grimm, grad, 1st Prize (2004), Bernstein Serenade
Daniela Shtereva, Artist Diploma, 1st Prize (2003), Bartok Concerto No. 2
Eunice Keem, freshman, 1st Prize (2002), Brahms Concerto
Pittsburgh Concert Society Young Artist Auditions (partial listing)
Anat Kardontchick, winner (2008)
Daniela Shtereva, winner (2004)
Eunice Keem, winner (2003)

Mr. Forough's students have also been participants and prizewinners in the following competitions:
Sibelius International Competition (2010, 2005)
     Emma Steele, Finalist and Honorable Mention Award plus Best Young Talent Award (2010)
     Daniela Shtereva, Sibelius Family Prize (2005)
Johansen International Competition (2000)
     Eunice Keem, 1st Prize (precollege student)
     Sherry Hong, Honorable Mention (precollege student)
Washington International Competition (2006) - Judges: Toby Saks, Efim Boico, Marcus Thompson
     Daniela Shtereva, 1st Prize
Wieniawski International Violin Competition (2011, advanced to third round)
Sarasate International Competition (2009, public award)
Indianapolis International Violin Competition (2 semifinalists, one receiving a Paganini award in 2007)
Oleh Krysa International Violin Competition (2014 & 2016, semifinalist)
Aram Khatchatourian Violin Competition (2014)
Spohr International Violin Competition, Intermediate Division (2013); Senior Division (2013, finalist)
David Oistrakh International Violin Competition, Junior Division (2013)
Sendai International Violin Competition (2013)
Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition (1991, 6th prize)
Irving M. Klein International String Competition (2011, 2nd prize; 2003, 5th prize; 2001, 3rd prize)
Stulberg International String Competition (2012, finalist; 1999, 1994, & 1993, including two 2nd prizes and a 3rd prize)
Schadt International String Competition (2006) - Judges: Pamela Frank, Aaron Rosand, Diane Wittry​
     Eunice Keem, 3rd Prize
American String Teachers Association National Biennial Competition (2001)
     Eunice Keem, 1st Prize (precollege student)
Blunt National Music Competition (2010, 1st prize)
Lynn Second National Violin Competition (2007, 1st prize)
San Angelo International Music Competition, String Division (2004, winner)
Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition (1992–2009, six 1st prizes)
YoungArts (2002, 2011, 1st prize level one; 2012, 3rd prize and Presidential Scholar)
Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award (2006)
     Shawn Moore, winner (precollege student)
Duquesne National Young Artists Competition – performance with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (2006)
     Tom Hu, 1st Prize (precollege student)
Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition (2006, 2002, 2000, 1999, 1997, 1995)
     Emma Steele, 1st Prize (precollege student, 2006)
     Ayane Kozasa, 2nd Prize (precollege student, 2004)
     Eunice Keem, 1st Prize (precollege student, 1997, 1999)
     Rajul Shah, 1st Prize
     Aaron Lockwood, 1st Prize
Chicago Symphony Orchestra Illinois Bell Young Performers Competition (1993–1997, including three 1st prizes, one 3rd prize)
Eastern Connecticut Symphony Concerto Competition  (2004)
     Eunice Keem, 1st Prize
Kingsville International Young Performers Competition (2004, 2001)
     Ayane Kozasa, 1st Prize string division (precollege student, 2004)
     Eunice Keem, 1st Prize string division (precollege student, 2001)
Skokie Valley Young Artist Competition (2004, 2003, 1998)
     Ayane Kozasa, 1st Prize (precollege student, 2004)
     Natalia Szadkowski, 1st Prize (precollege student, 2003)
     Eunice Keem, 1st Prize (precollege student, 1998)
Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition (coached group won prize in 2002)
     1st Prize - Orion Piano Trio (coached by Mr. Forough)
     2nd Prize - Versailles Piano Quintet
     1st Prize - Fine Arts Trio
NFAA Arts Recognition and Talent Search (2002)
     Eunice Keem, 1st Prize (precollege student)
Music For Youth Foundation Annual Cash Award (2002)
     Eunice Keem, winner (precollege student)
Fox Valley Symphony Concerto Competition (1998, 1996)
     Sherry Hong, 1st Prize (1998, precollege student)
     Jennifer Cheung, 1st Prize (1996, precollege student)
Keynotes Scholarship Competition (2006, 2005, 2004, 2003)
    Anne Jackovic, 2nd Prize (2006)
    Anne Jackovic (2005, 2004, 2003)
Pittsburgh Chamber Music Society (Violin competition, numerous 1st prizes throughout the last 15 years)
Sorantin Young Artist Competition (2005, 2004)
    Eunice Keem, 2nd prize (2005)
    Daniela Shtereva, 1st prize (2004)
Corpus Christi International Young Artist Competition (2002, 3rd prize)
WAMSO Young Artist Competition (2000, 3rd prize)
Lennox Young Artist Competition (1999, 1997)
    Ayane Kozasa, 2nd prize (precollege student)
    Natalia Szadkowski, 3rd Prize (precollege student)

Innumerable 1st prize winners in all divisions of competitions in the Chicago and Pittsburgh areas such as: 
Society of American Musicians, Union League, McKeesport Symphony Competition, etc.
Students have become permanent members of numerous orchestras including:
Danish Royal Opera (Copenhagen, Denmark), Concertmaster: Emma Steele
National Symphony of Argentina (Buenos Aires), Concertmaster: Freddie Varela
Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Associate Concertmaster: Eunice Keem
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Cleveland Orchestra
Hong Kong Sinfonietta (Hong Kong)
Academy of Ancient Music (London, U.K.)
Orquestra Filarmonica de Minas Gerais (Brazil)
Symphony orchestras of Houston, Indianapolis, Buffalo, Milwaukee, Syracuse, Charleston, Richmond, Calgary, Waterloo, Naples (FL), North Carolina, and Winnipeg.
Houston, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh Ballets, as well as the Pittsburgh Opera.
Grant Park Orchestra in Chicago, IL and Spoleto Festival Orchestra both in the U.S. and Italy.